Cell Phone Pouches With Belt Clip
Model: 75CLIP

* Raine Cellular Phone Cases Have A Very Stylish Design For Work
Or Play. They Are Designed To Stay On Your Belt No Matter What!
* Made Of Durable Polypro Webbing Which Is Unaffected By Oil, Water
Or Mildew
* Sturdy Spring Metal Belt Loop Clip
* For Tough Field Use

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 Large Phone Holder W/Clip   75F2CLIP   Large Phone Holder W/Clip   Bucket Size: 2.5Wx1.25Dx4.5H Max Phone Ht: 6   Buy Now 
    75M5CLIP   Cellular Phone Case With Clip   Bucket Size: 1.9Wx1Dx3.25H Max Phone Ht: 4.5 *CLOSEOUT PRICED*   Buy Now 
    75R2CLIP   Micro Cell Phone Case/Clip   Bucket Size: 1.5Wx1Dx2.5H Max Phone Ht: 4 *CLOSEOUT PRICED*   Buy Now 
    75TCLIP   Micro Phone Case With Clip   Bucket Size: 2Wx1.5Dx3H Max Phone Ht 4   Buy Now 
    75T2CLIP   Micro Phone Case With Clip - Narrow   Bucket Size: 2Wx1Dx3H Max Phone Ht: 4   Buy Now 
    75M3CLIP   Mini Phone Pouch- Extra Narrow W/Clip   Bucket Size: 1.9"W x 1.0"D x5.5" Max Phone Ht: 5.5 *CLOSEOUT PRICED*   Buy Now 
    75M2CLIP   Mini Phone Pouch-Narrow W/Clip   Bucket Size: 1.9Wx1.5Dx4H Max Phone Ht: 5.5 **CLOSEOUT PRICED**   Buy Now 
    75RCLIP   Mini-Cellular Phone Case (i1000) W/Clip   Bucket Size: 2Wx1.5Dx3H Max Phone Ht: 4.5H *CLOSEOUT PRICED*   Buy Now 
 Ultra Thin Mini Phone Pouch   75T3CLIP   Ultra Thin Mini Phone Pouch   Bucket Size:2Wx.75Dx3H Max Phone Ht: 4 (Fits RAZR)   Buy Now 
    75NCLIP   Nextel Phone Pouch W/Clip   Bucket Size: 2.75Wx1.5Dx4.75H Max Phone Ht: 6.5 (Holds IP 280, 370, IR370, i700)   Buy Now 
    75LCLIP   Large Phone Pouch /Clip      Buy Now 
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